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Do you ever feel like money controls your life? Do you wish you understood more about wealth and debt, interest rates, insurances and investment?

In our lifetime a certain amount of money goes through our hands. It seems very sensible to hold on to as much of it as we can and make the best use of it. Managing money is a life skill that most of us are not taught. Take control of your future by learning about money, debt and how to create wealth.

The Te Wānanga o Aotearoa Certificate in Money Management includes how to find extra money each week, how to give it a job, and how to make it grow so that you can get on with enjoying life. Also covered in this fun course is how to make the most of KiwiSaver, how to save thousands on your mortgage, what debt is good debt, how to help your children get ahead, how to prepare and save for retirement and plenty more.

Meet other people, make great friends and learn from each other. Guest speakers share their expertise as well. This 20 week course is for anyone who has left school, from 17 to 107!

The CMM is owned by and run on behalf of Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. 

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